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Hostas continue to be one of the most popular shade perennial plants for good reason. They form a sturdy mound of beautiful foliage topped with lily-like lavender or white blooms. They are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes so you're sure to find one that will thrive in your garden!

For more information on the sizes we sell, how the hostas are grown, shipped, or what to expect check out our FAQ.

Fire Island Hosta

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This beauty has rippled yellow leaves on purple stems which extend to the base of the leaves. The leaves of Fire Island evolve into a light green shade as the season progresses. Stunning when grown in containers. A prominent raised position in a fairly sunny spot will display both the bright foliage and striking petioles. A very unique hosta and a vigorous grower. ALL HOSTAS ARE SHIPPED BARE ROOT UNLESS OTHERWISE AGREED.

Flat Rate
  • Color: Yellow
  • Mature Plant Size: Medium Height up to 14" Width up to 24"
  • Sun / Shade: Dappled shade in a spotty sunny spot for best colors
  • Soil: Normal to fertile
  • Water: Water well first year then when it dries out
  • Zones: Perennial Zones 3 - 9